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"La ferronnerie d’art ACSA" (Ironwork)

The ACSA ironworks is located in Saint-Omer in the Pas-de-Calais. The ironworks is equipped with a forge, anvils and all the tools necessary for the manufacture of all types of work. Both craftsmen have been trained by the Compagnons du Devoir, and Mr Defraiteur has the title of Master Craftsman of Art.

The craftsman designs custom-made works, in traditional, contemporary or design style. To do this, the craftsman is inspired by models proposed by customers or makes pure creations. ACSA also restores old ironwork or makes it identical if necessary.

Historic centre of St Omer

Guided tours of the historic centre of Saint-Omer are offered from April to September every Wednesday in July and August. They allow you to discover with a guide the whole of the town centre and the main buildings and monuments of Saint-Omer.

RATES: €5.50 / €3.50 for 15-25 year olds and students / free for under 15s and jobseekers.

Sterckeman Farm

Producers of dairy products, milk and local products. Sweet butter labelled at the Salon de l'Agriculture 2019.

Free visits on request.
- 10 Rue de la Meullemotte 62910 Eperlecques : 03 21 95 31 66

Nortbert Farm

Eric, Chantal and Antoine BOUIN welcome you to their sales outlet. Mixed farming and breeding. Guided and educational visits on request.

Rates for visits: 2€/person 63 rue Wattre 62890 Mentque-Nortbécourt 06 29 93 14 82

St Omer Cathedral

One of the city's original monuments, considered the most beautiful religious building in the region. Built between the 13th and 16th centuries, Notre Dame Cathedral is the last great example of Gothic architecture in the northern provinces. For this reason, it was included in the first list of historical monuments in 1840. Its exceptionality lies elsewhere. It is known to be one of the richest churches in France because of its furniture. Indeed, its astrolabe clock (1558) and its organ case (18th century) are two real treasures. Guided tours are offered every Sunday in July and August.

Rates: €5.50 /adult. 3.50 for 15-25 year olds and students. Free for under 15s and jobseekers. Duration: 1h30. Thanks to the rental of an audio guide from the Tourist Office, you will be able to discover at your own pace the stages in the construction of this remarkable building, and admire the cathedral's characteristic furniture.

Escape Game

Assemble a team of 2 to 7 members to solve one of two cases that concern the adventurous scientists. You will have to follow paths strewn with pitfalls and puzzles, each more terrible than the last, while fighting against the worst enemy of all: Time. Are you ready to enter the very closed circle of adventurous scientists? Will you be bold enough to avoid all the traps that will be in your way?
- Rates: Depending on the number of players, from 18€ to 35€ per person. 
- 9, rue Henri Dupuis 62500 Saint-Omer 07 85 89 59 52 - 03 21 98 08 51

Geotour of the St Omer region

The GeoTour of the Pays de Saint-Omer is currently the only one of its kind in France. This game offers you a hunt for 80 treasures through 33 communes in the Pays de Saint-Omer and the Pays de Lumbres.

How does it work?
80 caches are set up in the Saint-Omer and Lumbres areas. A small pot, a tin can, a birdhouse... So many objects to discover during a great fun treasure hunt, with the help of your smartphone's GPS. On each site, you will find a log book and you can indicate your passage. The application will also allow you to report the caches you have discovered. Don't hesitate to download the GEOCACHING application. To test the GeoTour of the Saint-Omer area, go to the search bar of the application, category GeoTour and type: GT8A. FREE.

Leisure Pass

Visitors to the Pays de Saint-Omer, take advantage of the benefits offered by the Leisure Pass! Choose the period of validity of your Pass: 24, 48 or 72 hours and visit our partners to benefit from your privileges.

- Rates: 24h Pass: 20€ ; 48h Pass: 35€ ; 72h Pass: 45€. On sale at the St Omer tourist office:

The belfry at Aire-sur-la-Lys

The belfry, one of the town's most popular monuments! Built between 1716 and 1724, after the agreement of Louis XIV, the Belfry dominates the town from the top of its 58 metres. Built in the baroque and square style, it has 7 floors, where the town's archives are stored. It also contains the rack for the 14 bells of the carillon as well as 2 imposing bells dating from the 1920s. Once you have climbed the 236 steps to the bell tower, the view is breathtaking. Since 2005, this belfry has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

- Rates: 3€/adult and 1,50€/children and students (visit forbidden for under 12s).
- Grand-Place 62120 Aire-sur-la-Lys :

Les Etangs du Romelaëre National Nature Reserve

Les Etangs du Romelaëre National Nature Reserve is home to ponds, peat bogs and wet meadows where a wide variety of fauna live. It welcomes visitors along paths laid out in the heart of the Audomarois marshes. During the walk, observatories allow you to admire the fauna and flora, particularly the many species of birds. A treat for nature lovers! FREE in Clairmarais.

The collegiate church of Aire-sur-La-Lys

The collegiate church has been the parish church of the town of Aire-sur-la-Lys since 1802 and was originally the church of the Chapter of Saint-Pierre d'Aire. Guided tours scheduled from April to September (€3 for adults, €1.5 for children and students)

- Place Saint-Pierre 62120 Aire-sur-la-Lys : 03 21 39 65 66

Wisques Abbeys

Wisques is home to two Benedictine abbeys founded in 1889. Notre-Dame Abbey, built in the Gothic style, now houses about twenty nuns. The abbey church, the parlour and the shop are open to the public. Saint Paul's Abbey, established in the small and then the large castle, was listed and then classified as a historic monument in 2014. Life in these monasteries is punctuated by spirituality and work. Saint Paul's Abbey is particularly renowned for its ceramic art workshop.

Abbaye Notre-Dame: 24 rue des fontaines, 62219 Wisques 03 21 95 12 26 Abbaye Saint Paul: 50 rue de l'école, 62219 Wisques 03 21 12 28 50

Remains of St Bertin's Abbey

One of the largest and oldest abbeys in the region... Today a romantic ruin in a green setting in the heart of Saint-Omer, the Saint-Bertin enclosure is one of the two cradles of the town. Come and enjoy the charm of the place, and the facilities in the abbey park which allow you to imagine its original dimensions.

Bourdon Biscuit Factory

A family business founded in 1962 in Blendecques, the Bourdon biscuit factory specialises in the manufacture of waffles: Liège-style waffles with sugar pearls, pure butter waffles, or fine wafers with vergeoise or chicory. Come and discover the whole range at the factory shop!

D195 - rue d'Helfaut (Bilques) 62570 Helfaut : 03 21 38 24 71

"Florence and Florian " Organic artisanal pasta

A true family adventure, "Florence and Florian" make organic artisanal pasta. With tomato, spinach, curry, porcini mushrooms, seaweed, spirulina or even beer... there is something for everyone!

195 Rue d'Herbelles 62129 Bellinghem 06 60 51 75 80

The St Jacques chapel - Aire-sur-la-Lys

Dating from the 17th century, this chapel remains one of the most characteristic monuments of the Dutch Baroque style. Thematic guided tour: 3€/person
- Rue de Saint-Omer 62120 Aire-sur-la-Lys :

"Le goût des fleurs" - Saint-Omer

A beekeeper based in the heart of the marsh, in a former market garden, Eric Barrère runs a herd of 300 hives for the production of various honeys (spring honey and summer honey from local flora). Every summer he migrates to Picardy to diversify his production with acacia honey and lime tree honey.

65 quai du Haut-Pont 62500 Saint-Omer : 06 81 85 42 59

The Beaudelle Chapel and the relief plan

The Beaudelle Chapel is open to the public from June to September. Admission is free. An extract of the reproduction of the relief map of the town is also visible in the Chapelle Beaudelle.

Place du Rivage 62120 Aire-sur-la-Lys

Spirulina production farm

Would you like to spend an unusual moment not far from the Audomarois marshes? Would you like to discover spirulina? You don't know it or you want to know the secrets of production of this magical algae that gives you Pep's! With family or friends, the visits are free and end with a tasting. Every Saturday morning, Rachel and Samuel welcome you to their spirulina production farm, a small green algae with a high protein content and multiple benefits. Guided tour every Saturday at 10am, average duration 2 hours. Tasting at the end of the visit - FREE - Shop. La Ferme du Courtis Flamand, 26 rue Principale 62910 Moringhem. 06 74 71 18 38 or 06 22 29 32 17

The "Ballastières" site

The "Ballastières" site is constantly changing with the seasons... The Ballastières, located to the north of the town of Aire-sur-la-Lys, are former ballast and gravel quarries. After their exploitation was stopped, the site became a leisure area. Today, the aim of appropriate rehabilitation and management is to enhance the site and develop its environmental potential. Within this natural area, nature can fully express itself. Indeed, the creation of a reed bed, the creation of ponds and the introduction of hardy cattle preserve nature, while the closure of part of the site during the nesting period allows it to preserve its natural rhythm. Thus, for your pleasure and amazement, walking routes give you the opportunity to wander through this environment in perpetual evolution. Finally, thanks to an ornithological observation point, it is the ideal place to admire the different species living in the Ballastières.- Rates: Free admission and thematic guided tours from April to September: 3€/person
- Chemin de la Ballastière 62120 Aire-sur-la-Lys :

Rando rail / Trotti-rail du pays de Lumbres

On an old railway line, 2 courses of your choice, each 9km round trip, are to be done on funny pedal machines, with family or friends.
It is also possible to rent a trotti-trail, a real all-terrain scooter 100% electric, for a ride on the paths of the surrounding countryside or to spend a night in a hammock.
- Rates : Trotti-Trail: 34€ per trott; Rando-Rail: 22€/2 pers, 28€/3 pers, 31€/4 pers; 8€ extra /Rando-Rail for electric assistance.
Rue de la Gare 62380 Nielles-les-Bléquin

Mobilboard - St Omer

Mobilboard offers authentic rides with original, surprising and fun experiences. All Segway rides are preceded by a training session. A guide then takes visitors on tours designed for everyone. Several themes are proposed to discover the nature, the architecture or the history of the territory, according to the tastes of each one. Scooters can be hired.
- Gyropod rides: 30 min: 15€; 45 min: 19€; 1h: 25€; 1h30: 35€.
- Electric scooter rental: 2h: 20€, 4h: 25€.
- GeeBee scooter rental: 2h: 30€, 4h: 40€, day: 50€
Mobilboard : 06 10 84 56 41


One of the most beautiful ways to discover the beautiful Pas-de-Calais is certainly to use the cycle paths that cross the town. Located on the Eurovélo 5 route, there are specially designed routes along the Lys and the Ballastières. The town of Aire-sur-la-Lys offers a free electrically-assisted bicycle loan service all year round, on presentation of proof of identity and a deposit cheque for 300 €.

L’Aa St Omer Golf Club

Beginners and experienced golfers meet in an unusual and very green setting. The Aa Saint-Omer Golf Club combines relaxation and leisure, with family and friends. It offers 18-hole and 9-hole courses as well as golf lessons and introductory courses. Free open house every month: information and reservations on From 25€ to 100€ for a course of 1 to 3 hours. Chemin des bois - Acquin Westbécourt 62380 Lumbres



The latest generation AQUALYS facility, located a stone's throw from the city centre, is open all year round. It will satisfy swimming and aquatic activity enthusiasts as well as relaxation and well-being lovers. Indeed, equipped with saunas, jacuzzi and Nordic shower, but also with 3 indoor pools, the aquatic centre will meet all your expectations. Not to mention the open-air playground for the younger ones to enjoy during the summer! Prices: Swimming pool entrance fee from 4.05€/adult and 3.05€/child (6-14 years). Entrance fee for the swimming pool + wellness area from 12,20€/adult.
Chemin du Bois 62120 Aire-sur-la-Lys

Wittes and Roquetoire : heritage village

Among the communes of the Pays d'Aire, it is Wittes, the village of the foal fair and Roquetoire the green village that have been awarded the label. 5 routes with explanatory panels have been created to enable you to discover these charming villages on foot or by bike. And for a complete immersion, the Heritage Villages offer free visits with the inhabitants. Don't hesitate and book your Wittois and Roquestorien guide!

Fontinette boat lift

Ascenseur à bateaux des fontinettes

In the 1880s, it was decided to build a hydraulic lift. The structure is composed of three brick towers guiding two mobile metal locks, driven by 2m diameter pistons. A gantry at the upstream and downstream ends allows the gates to be operated for the entry and exit of barges (Freycinet 38.5 x 5 m type). The watertightness of the locks is ensured by an air-filled rubber bag. At the top, two canal bridges ensure the crossing of the railway. The manoeuvre, controlled from the cabin at the top of the central tower, required 6 men and only 20 minutes. With the introduction of the European gauge, the lift became too small and ceased to operate in 1967. A unique work of art in France, it was listed in 2014 and will soon be restored. Adults: 4 €; Children (5 to 11 years old): 2,50 € 21 rue Denis Papin 62510 Arques 03 21 88 59 00

Jesuits' Chapel

Its impressive size illustrates the importance of the Walloon Jesuit College established in 1566. More generally, it is the symbol of the role played by the town in education from the Renaissance to the Revolution. Open according to the programme, please contact the Tourist Office of the Pays de Saint-Omer for more information. Rue du Lycée 62500 Saint-Omer 03 21 98 08 51

Italian Theatre

In Saint-Omer, hidden away in the heart of the Town Hall, is a small theatre with a forgotten pomp and gilt... The theatre was closed to the public for safety reasons for 45 years. After a major rehabilitation project, it reopened its doors in autumn 2018. It can now be visited with a guide and can also host shows. "La Barcarolle" puts on a whole cultural programme at the theatre, renamed "le Moulin À Café" because of the particular shape of the building in which it is located, the former town hall, situated on Place Foch.
Place Foch - in the town hall 62500 Saint-Omer 03 21 98 08 51

La maison du Marais (Marsh house)

From the Maison du Marais, discover the marsh on board our traditional boats! At the gates of the town of Saint-Omer, between the heritage centre and the marsh, the Maison du Marais takes the visitor on a traditional boat to discover the fauna and flora, the wild and inhabited marshes... an immersion in the marshes in all their aspects which is prolonged thanks to an interactive exhibition, with even the feeding of fish... and why not a small snack on the terrace.
- Rates : Admission to the Interpretation Centre: €5.90/Adult - €4.90/Child (4-15 years) and reduced rate; Boat trip: €11/Adult - €7.50/Child (4-15 years) and reduced rate; Combined ticket: €14.50/Adult - €9.50/Child (4-15 years) and reduced rate.
- 36 avenue Joffre 62500 Saint-Martin-lez-Tatinghem 03 21 11 96 10

Le jardin de Marike (Marike's garden)

Always unexpected and hidden between the city and the marsh, its magic works once the barrier is crossed. As a novelty, large flowery meadows and wild beds have been designed including other different trees and shrubs. The flowers are arranged in colour palettes throughout the year. The garden was designed to be natural and to allow for a "different" approach to gardening. Insects, small animals and useful birds, both sedentary and passing through, return to the garden around a pond and in the service of the apiary and the orchard.
- Rates : Adults: 4 €; Free for children under 15.
- 60, rue du Portugal 62120 Aire-sur-la-Lys

Les cotteaux Ouest, la vallée de la Hem

This area of dry valleys, which partly overlooks the marshes, is also the domain of windmills, of which Moringhem and Norbécourt still have the two most beautiful elements. Just like these mills, there are still some beautiful white limestone buildings: farms, the churches of Saint-Léger and Saint-Gilles de Mentques with their machicolations or Saint-Maxime de Difques and its Romanesque tower. The Calvary of Nort-Leulinghem, dating from 1780 and classified as a historical monument, is one of the most remarkable in the region. In addition, there is a fragile earthen heritage, ancient mottes castrales which were the first castles, as in Bayenghem-les-Eperlecques or Mentques. In the northern part of the region, the Hem, a river with clear, lively waters, flows through the area. At the ford of Zouafques, it crosses the Leulène, the ancient road that descended from England to Rome. It flows through an ancient medieval castle town, Tournehem, whose medieval gateway, square and water mill are all very charming. The river also flows through the hamlet of Guémy where time seems to have stopped... At the top of the hill, the old chapel situated in a protected natural site, opens onto one of the most beautiful panoramas in northern France. At a glance, you can see the whole of the Aa delta and the Opal Coast from Calais to Dunkirk.

Les faiseurs de bateaux (boat's builders)

Rémy and Vincent Colin are heirs to an ancestral know-how: the manufacture of escutes and bacôves. These traditional wooden boats were used from the beginning of the 18th century by local market gardeners. Today, the craftsmen open the doors of their workshop and offer guided tours of the Saint-Omer marshes by boat, boats for hire as well as a change of scenery in the middle of the fields (terrace on the water's edge, Flemish games, locavore bar...). Guided tour: 1 hour by boat + discovery of the workshop Adult price: 11€ (12.5€ out of season - from October to the end of March) Family plan: Free for children under 4 years of age Children's price from 4 to 13 years of age: 7.5€ and 6.5€ from the second child onwards Young people/students' price: 9.5€ Rowing boat hire: from 20€. Rental of electric boats: from 35€. 43 Route de Clairmarais 62500 Saint-Omer

La grange nature (nature barn)

The Nature Barn is located in the heart of the Audomarois marshes, near the National Nature Reserve of the Romelaëre ponds. The Nature Barn is a unique space dedicated to the natural wealth of the Pas-de-Calais department. This facility offers visitors the opportunity to discover the landscapes, fauna and flora of the natural areas through exhibitions, events and conferences held throughout the year, as well as a fun museum area for the whole family.
- Rates : Free access to the museum area and educational garden; Activities (see annual programme), €3 for adults and €2 for children.
Rue du Romelaëre 62500 Clairmarais 03 21 38 52 95

Sandelin Museum

The Hotel Sandelin Museum is one of the main French museums in the Hauts-de-France region. Occupying a magnificent 18th century residence, it invites you on a journey through history and the arts, in three sections containing multiple masterpieces: medieval art, fine arts and ceramics. Prices: €5.50/person; reduced rate: 3,50 € ; Free under certain conditions. FREE ADMISSION EVERY SUNDAY! Many free activities. 14 Rue Carnot 62500 Saint-Omer 03 21 38 00 94

The Cathedral Palace

As soon as you enter, the ringing of the carillon will plunge you into a suspended time. It must be said that the house has lived through all eras and has memories of each of them. Indeed, the oldest parts of the cathedral palace date back to the 10th century. Tour lasts 50 minutes. Ticket office at the Tourist Office. Prices: €7/person, €5.50/reduced price. Free for children under 12 years old 12 rue Henri Dupuis 62500 Saint-Omer 03 21 98 08 51

La station

The building housed a station that linked the land and waterways. This neoclassical building was listed in 1984 as a Historical Monument. Today, its primary function has changed, but the development of La Station, a place of work and innovation with a station, brings back the multimodal aspect of the monument and earned it the "Innovative Territory" label in 2013. Guided tours: information at the Tourist Office. Place du 8 mai 1945 62500 Saint-Omer 03 21 98 08 51

The public garden

Come and relax in this remarkable garden! Separated from the town by the Boulevard Vauban, the public garden of Saint-Omer offers several atmospheres: regular garden, English-style landscape park, arboretum, conservatory of Vauban's fortifications... The public garden, with the richness and variety of its flora, but also with its kiosk, its waterfall and its furniture, is becoming a place where people can go for a walk and meet. To discover the public garden and its fortifications on your own, download the "Walls and Gardens" application for free. Boulevard Vauban 62500 Saint-Omer

The Aa brigades

Located in a former 19th century paper mill, the museum invites you to go back in time... With more than 150 vehicles dating from the end of the 19th century to the 1980s: cars, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, military vehicles... These vehicles also take part in film shoots, such as Agatha Christie's Little Murders on France 2.

Rates : Self-guided tour: 5 € / pers. (free for children under 12); Groups of more than 20 people 2 rue du Moulin 62380 Ouve-Wirquin 06 21 20 13 80

La Coupole, history centre

Located 5 minutes from Saint-Omer, La Coupole is a secret underground base built in 1943-1944 by the German army. It is on this exceptional site that the destiny of Europe could have been played out... Indeed, it is from there that the V2 rockets were to be launched on London. Today, the History Centre is an amazing museum that is one of the most impressive remnants of the Second World War. So get ready to be taken from the Occupation to the dark side of the space race! La Coupole offers two tours to help you discover the secret weapons programme and everyday life during the Occupation. Duration of the visit to La Coupole: +/- 2h30; Duration of a session at the 3D Planetarium: 1h

Rates: History Centre: €10/adult; €8.50 reduced rate (students and jobseekers); €7/child (6-16 years); €22/family (2 adults + 1 child, €2/additional child). A session at the 3D Planetarium: €7.50/adult; €6/reduced rate; €6/young person (6-16 years); €22/family (2 adults + 1 young person, €2/additional child). Combined tickets for the History Centre + Planetarium: €15/adult; €14.50 reduced rate (students and jobseekers); €10.50/child (6-16 years); €37/family (2 adults + 1 young person, €3/additional child). Rue André Clabaux 62570 Wizernes 03 21 12 27 27 | 03 21 39 21 45

House of Archaeology

The Maison de l'Archéologie de Thérouanne: 2000 years of history, a century of archaeology The Maison de l'Archéologie in a few figures: - 250m2 of reception area; - 4 historical sequences presented; - 5 models; - 10 multimedia devices; - 175 exhibits. FREE 6, Place de la Morinie 62129 Thérouanne 06 43 85 15 47

The Aa aquatic center

An aquatic center that is both family-friendly and sporty. In a beautiful architectural setting conducive to family cocooning, the Aa piscine offers 2 pools, a play area with water jets for the little ones and a fitness room. Finally, when the fine weather arrives, the pool offers an outdoor beach for everyone. Equipped with deckchairs and parasols, this is the ideal place to relax after swimming.
Prices: from €4 full price / €3 reduced price
Bernard Chochoy 62380 Lumbres 03 21 39 61 24

Ô Marais by Isnor

Discover the market garden marsh and the Romelaëre nature reserve: guided tours by boat, free tours in boats and canoes. Thematic tours are organised throughout the year: storytelling, birdwatching, Nordic walking, gourmet tours, etc.
- Rates : "The marsh in a ferry": Adults: 12€ - Children (4-13 years old): 10€ - duration: 1h30 "The marsh route": Adults: 9€ - Children (4-13 years old): 7€ - (Free for children under 4 years old); Free for children under 4 years old.
- 3 rue du Marais 62500 Clairmarais 03 21 39 15 15

The "audobarquoise"

Come aboard an aluminium boat and dive into a calm and preserved setting where you will be able to see a multitude of animals and plants and discover the way of life of the inhabitants of the marsh...
- Rates: 1 hour (10€) per person or 2 hours (14€) per person. Boat rental for 4 and 7 people.
- 35 rue du Marais 62500 Saint-Martin-lez-Tatinghem

Sceneo - aquatic center

The discovery of the joys of water with mini geysers, slides and bubble plates for the little ones. The pleasure of bubble benches, massaging jets and a counter-current river for older children. Swimming and various aquatic activities in the sports pool for the more experienced. Sceneo is also a fitness area with numerous courses that are constantly being renewed. Its wellness area also invites you to peace and relaxation thanks to its saunas, its hammam, its ice fountain and its herbal tea room. Prices : Adults: 4€; children from 4 to 14 years old: 3€; - 4 years old free 2-4 Avenue Léon Blum 62219 Longuenesse 03 21 888 000

Enerlya - House of Energy and Environment

Located 20 minutes from Saint-Omer in the direction of Le Touquet, the Énerlya educational structure welcomes and educates thousands of visitors every year. Children, teenagers and adults discover sustainable development and renewable energies through a unique scenography, fun or technical workshops, guided tours, exhibitions, etc. Prices: Under 6 years old: free; 6 to 14 years old: 4 €; over 14 years old: 5 €; Family Pass: 15 € (2 adults and 2 children under 15 years old) 30 avenue Roland Huguet 62560 Fauquembergues 03 74 18 22 14

Aa Valley Tourist Railway

The "Chemin de Fer Touristique de la Vallée de l'Aa" offers you an original visit in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Caps et Marais d'Opale. Indeed, in an original way, meander between Arques and Lumbres on 15 km of the old Saint-Omer/Boulogne-sur-Mer railway... In old trains. Board the steam train with 1932 coaches towed by a 1962 diesel locomotive... Or prefer the red and cream "Picasso" railcar or the 1970s "Caravelle" railcar! In Blendecques station, attend a presentation of a collection of railway objects.
- Duration: 2h-2h45 "Picasso" and "Caravelle" railcars: 8 €/adult; 4 €/child; 22 €/family (2 adults + 3 children). Train cars 1932: 10 €/adult, 6 €/child (4-14 years), 28 €/family (2 adults + 2 or 3 children)
- 46 Rue de l'Europe 62510 Arques : 03 21 12 19 19 / 03 21 93 45 

Guemy Chapel

Mont Saint-Louis and the ruins of the Guémy chapel are remarkable sites. Mount Saint-Louis, which rises to 112m, is one of the richest limestone hillsides in the Hem valley. It dominates the Flemish maritime plain to the north and the Hem valley to the south. The mountain offers a vast panorama over the maritime plain and the Artois. To the north, you can see the twin towns of Ardres and Guînes, the plain stretching from Cap Blanc-Nez to Belgium, the coastline with the ports and factories of Calais, Gravelines and Dunkirk, and, on a clear day across the Strait, the cliffs of southern England 70 km away. The view then turns to the other side of the Mont Saint-Louis, to the Hem valley, where the villages are nestled in the greenery. Rue du Mont Saint-Louis 62890 Tournehem-sur-la-Hem

Dennlys Parc, family adventure

Imminent take-off and strong sensations announced at Dennlys Parc! With more than thirty attractions and various activities as well as several catering areas, Dennlys Parc has become a must-see destination in the Hauts de France. The ideal park for the whole family, with attractions for young and old! Adult: €19.50. Children: €16.50 (1 metre to 11 years old included). Free for children under 1 metre.
11 rue du Moulin 62560 Dennebroeucq : 03 21 95 11 39

The Goudale Brewery

The Goudale Brewery, an identity that does not deceive! Immerse yourself in the impressive world of the latest generation of equipment. Know-how, tradition and dynamism are the key words. Our guides will share their passion with you. To finish in a friendly atmosphere, you will be invited to taste exceptional beers and to discover the shop. An unforgettable visit in a remarkable setting. Guided tour. Price : 10 €/person, free for children under 12. Duration: 1h30 to 2h. 03 66 10 01 69 ZAC de la Porte Multimodale de l'Aa - Avenue Isaac Newton 62510 Arques

Verrerie Arc

Arc: a real city within a city. Arc can be visited with a guide to discover the industrial manufacture of glass. The secrets of glass making in the crystal factory will no longer hold any secrets for you! The world leader in tableware, Arc France, invites you to climb the footbridge overlooking its manufacturing workshop. From up there, you can watch the transformation of a drop of molten glass into a finished product. And to make sure you don't miss any of the details, this breathtaking spectacle is "zoomed in" on TV screens. These screens give you an overview of the various production stages. After the visit, enjoy free access to the Outlet shop. Individuals: €12.90; reduced rate: €9.90 (site accessible from 8 years old). 03 21 12 74 74 | 03 21 95 48 42 132 avenue du Général de Gaulle 62510 Arques

Au Coin Rêvé (Dream Corner)

Au coin révé

From Salperwick, discover a labyrinth of waterways in complete freedom! The Embarcadère provides boats and canoes for a relaxing time with family or friends on the calm waters of the marsh. Prices : Rowing boat hire: 20 € / 1h30. Motorboat hire: 25 € / 1 hour. Canoe hire (1 to 3 people): 12 €/hour. 03 21 38 23 00 27 rue du rivage 62500 Salperwick

Escape Game Paradoxe

Who said that an escape game had to be an indoor game? Virginie and Jocelyn, two young entrepreneurs from the Saint-Omer area, have designed one of the only mobile escape games in France. They bought and then completely fitted out a large caravan which has been transformed into a game room. You can come and try your hand at the puzzles in their car park, but you can also bring the caravan to your home or to a festival... Once inside, you quickly forget the small size and the confinement thanks to the very elaborate décor, the special atmosphere and the quality of the puzzles: you quickly get caught up in the game... All that remains is to get out... in less than an hour!
- Game for 2 players: 25€/pers. Game for 3 players: 22€/pers. Game for 4 players: 18€/pers. Game for 5 players: 15€/pers.
- 155, rue Jehan de Terline 62575 Blendecques : 06 78 34 60 04

"Les belles échappées" (beautiful escapes)

Discovery tour of the region at the wheel of Retro-Vintage vehicles: Citroën 2CV, VW Combi, Mehari and Fiat 500. Several routes available. Hire of e-Solex, thermal mopeds, tandem, Californian bikes and Piaggio Calessino ("tuk-tuk"). In groups, tourist rallies, treasure hunts. The Combeer Tour: guided brewery tour in a VW Combi and guided ride on Ruffian motorbikes. Two-wheelers: half-day rental, from €12 for a Californian bike to €20 for E-solex/thermal mopeds. Tandem: 24€. Piaggio, Calessino: 59€/half day. 2CV, Mehari, Fiat 500: 90€/half day, 159€/day, 259€/2days. VW Combi (5 to 8 seats): 229€/day, 359€/2days.
- Chemin des murs - Ferme de l'Abbaye 62500 Clairmarais
03 21 98 11 72 

Brewery of the Clairmarais Abbey

From the heritage of the monks... This is the starting point of our adventure, to revive the brewery of the Clairmarais Abbey after more than two centuries of inactivity! This ambition translates into : A brewery, installed in the heart of the Abbey farm, in the old sheepfold in order to restore and preserve these buildings rich in history. A beer.... And even beers! Abbaye type, single, double, triple, even quadruple. And why not with spices, such as juniper, blackthorn, aniseed, laurel, rosemary, gentian, which were used to make gruyt, the ancestor of beer. Or matured in oak barrels... A local approach, as the monks grew the ingredients necessary for beer production on site (barley, spices before the arrival of hops). A transmission of this heritage, through visits to the brewery and the site in order to tell you the story of Clairmarais Abbey and the brewing tradition of this place. Visit of the brewery and sale of local craft beers. Visit of the brewery + History of Clairmarais Abbey: 5 € / pers - Duration 1 h 30. 06 42 81 89 96 Ferme de l'Abbaye, 9 route d'Arques 62500 Clairmarais

Escape Game 38CC

In an old house dating from 1901 that holds many secrets... A confusing scenario will take you on a thrilling adventure where manipulation, excavation, reflection and deduction are subtly interwoven. For one hour, use your ingenuity and team spirit to solve the enigmas of this strange building. Will you be able to bring together 3 to 5 intrepid adventurers united like the fingers of a hand? But beware, nothing goes according to plan! 07 66 30 96 37
38 rue du centre 62380 Cléty

The Eperlecques Blockhouse

Built in 1943 by the Nazi army, the Éperlecques Blockhaus was used, among other things, to manufacture liquid oxygen and to launch V1 and V2 missiles towards the British capital. An authentic and moving place of memory, the visit takes place in the heart of a wooded park. This historical monument, with its audio and visual documents, aims to provide a better understanding of the Second World War. The visit will retrace, in particular, deportation and life in the concentration camps. It will also look at the construction of this 22-metre-high building, which covers an area of 1 hectare. 10€/adult, 6,50€/child (8-14 years) 03 21 88 44 22 | 03 21 88 44 84
Rue des Sarts 62910 Éperlecques

Arcques marina

Situated on the banks of the wide-gauge canal, the marina is a welcoming and unique site in the Audomarois. Ideal for your river escapades, it offers services adapted to pleasure boating, with a capacity of 50 berths, for boats measuring up to 24 metres. This pretty marina is a perfect place to relax with family or friends.

Vilaine Circuit

With family or friends, beginners or experienced, escape to the heart of nature and explore the area during a ride on a quad bike in exceptional and natural surroundings... 03 21 39 83 81
61 Le Loquin 62560 Thiembronne

Persyn Distillery

A Living Heritage Company, discover the manufacturing secrets of this traditional distillery... The visit to the Persyn distillery takes the public into the world of cereals, stills and oak wood in order to discover the entire manufacturing process of Houlle genever. First of all, discover the history and the place of this digestive in our region. Then, after the projection of a film, discover the installations and the production rooms. Finally, enjoy a moment of tasting this typical eau-de-vie from the North of France. A small bottle of jenever is offered to every adult visitor. 7€/adult; 3€/child; free for children under 12. 
- 19 route de Watten 62910 Houlle : 03 21 93 01 71 

Planet Karting

If you want to be a driver for a night, we have the place for you! Located on the outskirts of Saint Omer, in the triangle of Béthune, Calais and Dunkerque. Planet karting welcomes you on a 17000m2 site.Parking 140 places, private and bus. Bar area of 200m2 with panoramic view of the track, seminar room. Track of about 500m, with bridge, secure karting from 7 years old, adult karting and two-seater karting approved for disabled people. Supervision by a qualified instructor, welcome for individuals, groups, companies, associations...
- Adult: 10 minute session: 19.40 € / person "Mini grand prix": 26.70 € / person "Grand prix": 37.90 € / person "Super grand prix": 49 € / Child: 10 minutes: 13.10 € / "child Mini grand prix": 17 € / "child" 
03 21 38 94 50
57 rue du Fond Squin 62500 Saint-Martin-au-Laërt

Saint-Denis Church

It stands in its enclosure in the heart of the town. It has the oldest Gothic tower in the region, dating from the 13th century. A symbolic site This church is located halfway between Saint Bertin's abbey and the cathedral. It is therefore located on the former procession route, now rue Saint-Bertin. It is one of the oldest parish churches in the city. It was built to accommodate the rapid growth of the city's population. Place Saint-Denis 62500 Saint-Omer

Escape Game of the "Hôtel de la gare" (station hotel)

Re-open the doors of the past to plunge into the heart of the 1920s in the setting of the Hôtel de la Gare de Lumbres. Only a few steps from the station, this hotel is in trouble, which you could certainly help to overcome in the company of your precious comrades. There are two breathtaking stories to discover! Unravel the mysteries surrounding the strange disappearances of guests and staff, and take part in the heist of the century by wandering through the hotel's private areas. 07 85 89 59 52
13, rue François Cousin 62380 Lumbres

Bowling le carré saint martin

- Rates : 5,20€ during the day on weekdays, 6,20€ during the evening on weekdays , 8,40€ during the weekend
- 53 rue du fond squin 62500 Saint-Martin-au-Laërt : 03 21 98 58 20 

Bal Parc

Bal Parc

Bal Parc, or a family escape in a green setting. Looking for nature, fresh air, laughter and a change of scenery? Then Bal Parc is the place to go! Indeed, giant inflatables, merry-go-rounds, mini-golf, slides, pedal boats, small boats or even pony rides, take you to a different universe. Enter the kingdom of children from 2 to 12 years old, between lake and mini-farm, for a wonderful time. And, because all this is exhausting, recharge your children's batteries (and maybe even yours)! There are several catering facilities in the park. 10 €/person. Free for children under 80 cm. 
- 291 rue du vieux château 62890 Tournehem-sur-la-Hem : 03 21 88 14 14 

8 rue du Parfum des Sapins,

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