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Fishing campsites in Pas-de-Calais (62): the best spots for whitefish, carp and trout fishing

close to Saint-Omer

Need a change of scenery while enjoying nature? Come and discover our fishing estate in the beautiful commune of Helfaut. On site, you'll find 2 hectares of fishing grounds comprising 10 ponds maintained daily! Our ponds are suitable for both amateur and keen anglers.

Fishing pond near Saint Omer

Visiting Northern France? Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in the heart of the Audomarois marshlands! At your disposal:

  • 8 trout fishing ponds
    • 1 communal pond for individual fishing
    • 7 private ponds for groups of all sizes (families, friends, associations, works councils, etc.)
  • 1 pond for white fishing, where you'll find many species of carnivorous fish
  • 1 carp fishing pond with fine specimens weighing over 15 kgs.
carpe Helfaut

Fishing ponds in 62

Whether you're a fishing enthusiast or not, you've come to the right place to spend a pleasant moment in the Audomarois region.

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    Opening dates for fishing ponds in Helfaut

    April 15 to June 30

    Thursday to Monday

    From July 1st to August 31st

    Every day

    September 1 to October 15/ Thursday to Monday

    les horaires de la pêche sur Helfaut

    Prices for trout fishing in Helfaut

    Take advantage of a 20% discount on weekday fishing

    • -20% off weekday fishing
    • -20% off weekday fishing
    • -20% off weekday fishing
    • -20% off weekday fishing
    • -20% off weekday fishing
    • -20% off weekday fishing
    • -20% off weekday fishing
    • -20% off weekday fishing

      Discover our trout ponds: shared and private

      Welcome to the reference site for trout fishing enthusiasts! At Les Etangs du Plateau des Landes, we offer you an unforgettable experience in our magnificent trout ponds.

      We offer two types of trout ponds to suit your needs. First, our communal trout pond, where you can share your passion with other anglers and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. You can swap fishing stories, meet new people with similar interests and enjoy unforgettable moments of camaraderie.

      If you're looking for a more exclusive experience, we also offer private trout ponds. You can reserve an entire pond for you and your group, guaranteeing total privacy and a tailor-made experience. Enjoy your day's fishing in complete tranquillity, with no outside distractions. What's more, with our group fishing packages for up to 15 people or more, we can offer you exceptional deals. In addition to enjoying our privatized trout ponds, you'll benefit from complimentary trout to make your experience even more special. It's the perfect opportunity to organize a family outing, a relaxing day out with friends or even a memorable corporate event.

      At Les Etangs du Plateau des Landes, we're committed to providing you with the best trout fishing experience possible. Whether you choose our communal pond or our private ponds, you'll be surrounded by picturesque scenery, unspoilt nature and abundant trout. Book your day at Helfaut Trout Pond today and discover why we're the benchmark for trout fishing. Come and experience a unique adventure, surrounded by nature, and leave with memories and exceptional catches. Don't miss this opportunity to relax, enjoy nature and live an unforgettable trout fishing experience. Book today and join us at the trout pond in 62

      Aerial view of our fishing ponds - Helfaut 2022

      Hover over the circles to discover the pond and its price list

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      A successful day of freshwater fishing in Helfaut

      In the Helfaut ponds, you'll find a variety of species offering different ways to practice your passion. Beautiful white specimens such as roach, bream, tench, carp and even carp will enable you to practise jigging. This is the most popular fishing technique, especially among novice anglers. It doesn't require the purchase of sophisticated equipment (a telescopic rod fitted with a line connected to a few sinkers and a float). All kinds of fish can be caught. However, you'll need to choose the right float, bait and groundbait, as well as the right fishing depth, in order to be successful with this technique!

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      English-style fishing is really the "sporty" version of match fishing! The presence of a reel and a rod with rings will enable you to hit beautiful fish located in the center of the ponds. This technique is formidable if you're after bream, carp and other big roach.

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      On our ponds, you'll also find carnivorous species such as pike and perch. These specimens require the use of other fishing techniques such as hard or soft lures. This type of fishing requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise not only of your equipment but also of the species you're fishing for. (We remind you that carnivore fishing on our ponds is no-kill fishing!)

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      Some of our ponds are reserved for trout fishing. This fish lends itself to a variety of techniques, offering enthusiasts and beginners alike a real challenge. Here are the different techniques available on our ponds: fly fishing, veiron fishing, trout fishing with a toc or a bomb, you name it, the possibilities are endless!

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      Discover our special fishing Instagram page @lesetangsduplateaudeslandes

      Visit our instagram page @lesetangsudplateaudeslandes for all the latest fishing news from the campsite!